New food industry job board – Find Food Jobs


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new food industry job board and careers site – Find Food Jobs.  Find Food Jobs will be live in July 2017 and will be hosted on the domain

Find Food Jobs is a drinks industry job board developed from 10 years of operating in the food industry. Our aim is to provide career advice, jobs across all disciplines, industry blog articles e.g. Featured Employers and many more resources. The simple goal is for Find Food Jobs to be the one-stop platform for both professionals and industry employers to find each other in a busy and fragmented online space.

There are currently hundreds of individual employer sites, generalist job boards and social media channels, but there is not one site that brings food jobs and career resources together on one platform.

Find Food Jobs will have;

  • Food industry specific job postings, focused and targeted unlike generalist job boards
  • A tailored and curated food industry platform offering bespoke commentary, professional bodies, and employer features & video
  • The Find Food Jobs careers blog, brought to you earlier this year
  • Job alerts, meaning you never miss out on applying for that next opportunity
  • Cost effective and targeted recruitment solutions on a platform that offers much more than simply job adverts
  • Career support, advice insight and resources for those new to the industry or progressing within it
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Facts regarding Food Jobs Searching

The UK food manufacturing sector recruits millions of people every year, in a variety of occupations from graduates to factory managers.

UK Food Industry Overview

After an induction, jobseekers often have the opportunity to focus on or, specialise into an area of work that interests them. The following article offers an overview of food jobs available in the food manufacturing industry.


The training that an individual receives is vital in determining which positions they are likely to obtain in the future. There are a number of options for specialisation, which range from a basic qualification, regarding the handling of raw materials, to a degree obtained in a discipline such as operations management. Therefore, a candidates earning potential is closely linked to the qualifications they have.

New Product Development

An NPD Chef is responsible for, and specialises in, all new product development presentations. They will plan and prepare such dishes as salads, ready meals, hors d’oeuvres and pates. All cold sauces, such as dressings, chutneys and relishes, will also fall within the remit of an NPD Chef. Again, these kind of professionals are often found in food manufacturing businesses.

Food Operations Manager

An Operations Manager for example, will specialise in overall management. That is, they will often have an in depth knowledge of every area of a food manufacturing facility. A manager of this level will also have knowledge of production KPI’s. Therefore, they will often be called upon to present factory efficiencies and production capabilities at board level. An Operations Manager will normally obtain positions in manufacturing facilities of all sizes.

Finding your next Food Job

A Personal Chef, will normally be employed in a family setting, and therefore, prepare meals for an employers family. In addition to meal preparation, this type of chef will be responsible for meal planning and the purchasing of ingredients. They will also need to have an in depth knowledge of a families likes and dislikes.

There are an array of food Jobs and positions within the food manufacturing industry. To work in the more established, blue chip companies, individuals would need to obtain a recognised qualification and have relevant experience.

Want to find out more about Food Jobs, then visit David Lewis’s site on how to choose the best Food Industry Jobs for your needs.

Find Food Launches July 2017

Find Food Launches July 2017

Following a year of development – Find Food Jobs launches their careers site dedicated to bringing candidates and food manufacturers together in the Food Manufacturing and associated industries

Find Food focuses solely on Food Manufacturing Jobs in the United Kingdom. The jobs board has been set up by a seasoned recruitment professional and includes automated products in order to offer the best user experience for its visitors.

The site launches on 01/07/2017 and will fill a gap in the sector to offer a food industry only range of positions to experienced food industry jobseekers. Managing Director David Lewis has 12 years experience in the recruitment and food manufacturing industries and comments: “There is a huge number of experienced, brilliant candidates who are currently searching for a new opportunity  within the UK Food Manufacturing Sector. We want to become the number one choice for these jobseekers and offer a platform where the very best jobseekers can apply for roles posted by the best food manufacturers and food industry recruitment consultants.

As a business, we have noticed that there is a growing number of companies looking to increase the ROI on their recruitment advertising budget therefore we provide a full Account Management service at a low entry point to recruitment companies to ensure that they can focus more of their time filling vacancies instead of wading through a mass of unsuitable resumes.”

Our team are an additional part of their resourcing department and use a mix of technology and targeted marketing to attract the right calibre of jobseekers to the board.

Working with a leading recruitment software company, Find Food Jobs developed a board that featuring; Candidate Messaging, CV Search, Application Tracking, CV Watch, Corporate Profiles, Online Application Forms, Online Application Management, Candidate Book marking and CV’s by email.

Find Food Jobs works with recruitment agencies, corporate clients and advertising agencies to provide the most comprehensive online resource for food and drink manufacturing jobs available.